First Page SEO Guarantee – Myth or Reality

September 5, 2022

First page SEO guarantee

“First page SEO guarantee!” If you also have come across this message while going through the SEO companies, you need to pause and think again. The market is saturated with such claims, and SEO guarantee offers nowadays. Companies are selling their services with an SEO guarantee for the first page. But is it actually that simple?  Well, that’s exactly what I will help you understand in this guide. So, without further ado, let’s dig a little deeper and find out the truth!

When you start a business, it’s natural to feel the urge to get to the top in a short time. The same goes for a business website; from the moment you have created it, you may want to see it in the top search results. But is that feasible? Well, maybe and maybe not. Metaphorically speaking, you can become rich in a day if you do a robbery. Similarly, you can reach the top position in the search engine results pages (SERP) by using some wrong or unethical means of doing so.

So, why are some companies proudly promising that they can help you reach the first page of search results? Do these companies have some other technique to do the magic and bring your website to the top? Well, the honest answer to all your queries is that SEO is not a one-day job. It requires both time and patience. It clearly is a long-term game plan that eventually brings highly enjoyable results.

So, you must know what to do and what not when it comes to SEO guarantee. Furthermore, you should be able to figure out which companies you should trust and what genuine SEO practices are.

What Do First Page SEO Guarantee Services Mean?

First page SEO guarantee means companies are promising you to bring your website to the top results on the first pages. For some specific number of keywords, they promise to get you higher than your competitors.

The more attractive part is they offer you a money-back guarantee if they cannot get you the promised results. Of course, when you are getting a commitment to receiving your money back, you would definitely go for that thing.


In the SEO guarantee, companies commit you to first-page ranking in the given time frame. You can claim your money back if the company takes more time than promised. You need to keep one thing in mind, such type of first page SEO guarantee has several other risks attached to them.

There are maximum chances that any company involved in these SEO guarantee activities will use some unethical and wrong SEO practices. Hence, knowing why these SEO guarantee services can do more harm than good to your business makes sense.

Why Should You Avoid Companies Offering First Page SEO Guarantee?

Well, the reasons are many! When you are building your brand online, you need to keep several things in mind. And when you see things like SEO guarantees, it’s natural to draw toward the offers they make. But you should never forget that if you want your business to succeed, you must invest time and effort. And all those companies who are alluring you with big guarantees and ranking will put your brand in danger.

Let’s see why the search engine optimization methods they opt for are risky for your online brand and reputation.

1. SEO Guarantee is Impossible

Nobody can ever promise SEO, and that’s a hard fact. You must realize that SEO is a long-term endeavor. The SEO of your website is significantly influenced by a number of additional elements. Furthermore, if someone claims to be able to deliver results quickly, they are undoubtedly lying. Because no SEO agency has any control over being on the top page of SERPs. On the other hand, Genuine SEO agencies know that SEO is a process dominated by Google algorithms and high-quality, original content.

Every time Google updates its algorithm, it aims to improve SEO techniques and penalizes wrongdoers. Every legitimate SEO company will abide by Google’s SEO guidelines so that you won’t have to deal with the negative consequences of what they perform for you.

2. Risk to Your Brand Image


Online brand development requires a significant investment of time and energy. Would you then want to use poor SEO tactics to damage it? On the other hand, you should under no circumstances fall for SEO guarantee traps if your firm has just begun. Google will undoubtedly come upon all of the fraudulent SEO practices eventually. And then you’ll have to deal with the consequences.

Building a strong and valuable brand online takes a lot of time and effort. Would you then want to damage it by using poor SEO strategies? On the other hand, you must surely avoid falling into SEO guarantee traps if your firm has just begun. Google will undoubtedly discover all the fraudulent SEO practices at some point. You will then have to deal with the consequences.

3. There’s No Universal SEO Strategy

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The nature, services, and offerings of every business vary. Even if they operate in the same niche, two businesses cannot be identical. They will all have some characteristics that set them apart from one another. Finding out which organization is making false offers and which is genuinely delivering the outcomes is a straightforward trick. All you need to do is see if the agency is making an effort to understand your business and requirements or not.

It is sincere if it is spending a significant amount of time learning about your company’s whole workflow in order to improve SEO. And if it isn’t, it may start working right away and boost your site ranking more quickly than usual. It is a warning sign, and you should stay away from such an agency. Every business works on fully customized SEO strategies that are built specifically for that business based on a thorough analysis of requirements.

4. Use Of Black-Hat SEO Practices

The fact that they employ incorrect SEO strategies is the second most crucial justification for never working with businesses that guarantee SEO. Black-Hat SEO tactics are the name given to all of these unethical actions. They essentially aim to trick Google search algorithms into placing your website on the first page. Although these techniques may have the desired effect, they will ultimately harm your business.

Never lose sight of the fact that this is Google. You can only trick it for so long until it directly penalizes your website the moment it discovers any wrongdoing.

Now that we understand why you should avoid any first-page SEO guarantees, let’s look at the factors you should take into account when selecting a reputable SEO company.

 What to Look For In a Good SEO Company 

Here are some of the factors that you should consider while choosing a reliable SEO company to boost your website rankings.

1. Industry Experience

The experience of an agency should be the first and essential consideration. A little bit of experience will speak volumes about how they operate and the procedures they adhere to. And it’s simpler to trust a business if it has solid industry experience. They have experience in your specialized field, which is something you need to watch out for. At that point, you may be certain that the business can also manage your website.

Pro Tip: It does not mean you can not trust a newly built company. Of course, you can. Every well-established company started out as an amateur. Just make sure they are capable of delivering results.

2. White-Hat SEO Strategies

Every ethical SEO technique is regarded as a White-Hat SEO tactic. Google favors all legitimate strategies for elevating a website to the top. It is advisable to find out more about the business and the SEO strategies they employ. And you should quit right there if you come across anything suspicious that indicates Black-Hat SEO tactics.

3. Focus on Keyword Research

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Researching keywords is essential. Imagine that you are attempting to draw in viewers but are unsure of the appropriate keyword phrases. It is advised to devote extra time to keyword research so that you are aware of the precise needs of your target audience. Using the right keywords can drive traffic to your website.

You can develop your keyword strategy with the use of keyword research tools. Additionally, they make it quite clear which keywords are performing better and which you should target.

4. Backlinks Strategy

Backlinks are crucial for improving the rating of your website. Backlinks are links on other websites directing back to your website. Google favors websites with a high number of backlinks. As a result, your ranking rises when you have several backlinks from various sources.

Make sure the company you choose offers you genuine, high-quality backlinks. Some authentic agencies like Mr. Shishir in the market can provide you with top-quality backlinks and help you get a notch higher than your challengers.

Link-Building Services From Mr. Shishir

Searching for a trustworthy and experienced link-building agency that can deliver genuine results? Mr. Shishir is exactly that! When you allow us to work for you, you will get 100% authentic results. Our experienced link-building professionals will create a plan based on your requirements and business.

As the campaign progresses, you will see that you are getting high-quality backlinks for your website. With time, your website will also move to the top in the search results. Mr. Shishir focuses on natural links with editorial content. So, everything is real and highly result-driven.

Happy SEO!

SEO Guarantee – In a Nutshell

So, the direct answer to “Can anyone guarantee first page SEO results?” is No. SEO guarantee is a big myth. However, securing the top ranking in Google is not a distant dream. But using the wrong practices and relying on unprofessional agencies to do so will definitely land you in a mess. The best and most reliable practice to achieve intended results is to go for ethical and correct SEO practices and witness results.

Any trustworthy business will never make an SEO promise of any type. On the other hand, unethical SEO firms attempt to manipulate the search ecology, which may be successful temporarily. However, they will make you pay the price in the long run. Getting your website to the top of the search results is one thing, but SEO as a whole is a complex system. And tricking Google is really difficult. You ought not to even. So, feel free to leave a comment below if you have any remaining questions concerning SEO or link-building tactics. I would love to hear from you.


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